Turning challenge
into change


We are long-term capital providers, entrepreneurs and consultants. Expertise and focus make the difference in turning challenges into change. With our investment approach, we ensure stability and sustainable growth. A capital base of approximately 100 million euros creates security and continuity throughout the entire transaction and investment process.
Our Focus

Companies in special situations

We see the potential in change and together we unleash undreamt-of forces. With our experts from the central AEQUITA units and our Operations team on site, we ensure long-term value enhancement through focused restructuring.


With our many years of expertise in diverse areas, we successfully lead corporate units into independence, uncovering the development potential that leads to innovation, agility and profitability outside of large corporate structures.

Company succession

To secure the continued existence of companies, we take them over, build out the business and capitalize on synergies within the portfolio.

Buy and Build

We see ourselves not only as a provider of capital but also as an operational sparring partner. With precisely tailored add-on acquisitions, we leverage structural synergies and create sustainable group associations. Experience, courage and a pioneering spirit make us a strong and reliable partner.

Transaction Partners