Buderus Guss

Buderus Guss is a renowned and traditional manufacturer of foundry products with a high level of competence and expertise in the field of brake disc production. Buderus Guss offers a wide range of brake disc variants. From uncoated discs to coated discs and lightweight versions with aluminum components. Buderus was and is one of the innovation leaders in the field of emission-reduced, coated brake discs and was a pioneer in the introduction of the first generation iDisc. Buderus is once again one of the leading innovators in the market with the second generation of iDiscs, which meet the requirements of the upcoming Euro 7 standard.

The Challenge

Separate the company from the large corporate group and return it to complete operational independence. At the same time, modernize the core value creation processes through massive investments towards sustainability with lower CO2 emissions. All of this in parallel with a financial turnaround in a very challenging macroeconomic environment for energy-intensive industries.

Our Approach

Reinforce the independent entrepreneurial spirit of the team and management, establish a hands-on culture among SMEs and lead by example.

Our Impact

We are transforming a loss-making group of sites with high greenhouse gas emissions into a profitable, agile medium-sized company with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


  • ~EUR 230 m revenue
  • ~900 employees
  • 2 sites
  • Seller: Bosch