The IFA Group is an automotive supplier with seven development and production sites worldwide. With a revenue of roughly 650 million euros, IFA is one of the top 50 companies in the German supplier industry.
With its 2,600 employees, IFA develops and produces longitudinal shafts, sideshafts, joints and components for well-known automotive manufacturers. Customers include BMW, Ferrari, Ford, GM, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen.
The company also provides industry players with development services in the field of driveline technology. Forward-looking research and sustainable development are among the key success factors of the group. IFA was founded in 1959 as the state-owned industrial combine for vehicle construction "IFA-Gelenkwelle" and was privatized in 1992.

Our approach

Streamline the organizational structure and processes and ensure optimal resource allocation through adequate prioritization and complexity reduction.

Our Impact

Stabilizing and transforming a loss-making industrial business that has already experienced several years of restructuring, high fluctuation and process instabilities by creating a single, fully aligned team that shares clear goals and a practical plan of action.


Winning the largest half-shaft tender in the history of the company.


  • ~EUR 650 m revenue
  • ~2600 employees
  • 4 Productions sites
  • 3 F&E-Sites
»We want to establish the IFA Group at the global level as a dynamic, medium-sized technology leader and a reliable development partner for automotive OEMs. To successfully complete the transformation from combustion engines to electric powertrains, the focus lies on improving profitability while making the necessary investments in half-shaft production capacities.«

Jan Maser

Managing Director

Our Influence

CAPEX ratio in the successful transformation into a half-shaft producer
Top 50 supplier in the German automotive supply industry
Million shafts per year